Hiring a painter can be a demanding and time-consuming task. But, when you use Grab A Painter, you don't have to spend hours researching painters. At Polytol Paints, we do the legwork for you. When you request painting fields on Grab A Painter, we'll match you up with trusted painters near you.


  • The App will geolocalise the nearby painters accordingly hence facilitate the contact with the painters.
  • Remove the hassle to find the right painter for the right painting job.
  • Help painters not listed in the App to also be able to register on it & be more visible to the market.
  • The App is mobile friendly & can be found in Playstore & soon in App Store.
  • An innovative way to address painting problems in general through referral.

Polytol Paints is proud to go digital & innovate in the market as a serious paint manufacturer concerned about the needs of the consumers.